The Property Owners Association of NSW

Incorporating The Private Hotel & Boarding House Division

Since 1951, The Property Owners Association of NSW (POANSW) a non-government enterprise that has been representing private property owners who own small to medium sized property portfolios or are providing residential accommodation or commercial leases to the NSW market. This includes boarding houses, hostels, private hotels and commercial spaces. The POANSW committee of management past and present has been predominantly made up of volunteer property investors and property services professionals who have lobbied on a local, state and federal level.

Onerous legislative and regulatory requirements on property owners has been growing rapidly over the past 10 years on the back of the biggest property boom NSW has ever experienced.On top of that increasing taxes, such as land tax, stamp duty and other imposed levies on property has added financial stress to ordinary mum and dad investors making the business of property almost unviable with the lowest returns in decades.

The POANSW is the peak body representing the interests of private landlords. It lobbies and participates on government committees that guide legislation including landlord’s rights. The POANSW fights vehemently for a fair deal for property owners. In the past we have been actively involved in the following key areas among others:

  • Review of the Residential Tenancies Act
  • Review of the Strata Schemes legislations
  • The Boarding House Act
  • The Builders Warranty Act
  • Property taxes including land tax and stamp duty
  • Building compliance including health and fire safety
  • Retail leases Act and The Short term accommodation market

The POANSW provides its members up to date property matters information, meet up’s to discuss their challenges, networking opportunities, educational seminars, dinner functions and a relaxed warm social atmosphere at any of its gatherings. There is even a hotline advice service for tenancy matters.

Guest speakers at POANSW events include key industry experts in property. Including property taxes, legislation, property management, financial and estate planning, property investing and key public servants including politicians and government advisers.

Belonging to the POA provides an invaluable voice to property owners in NSW and a unique networking industry opportunity.

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