The following are Government Submissions by POANSW..

10 May 2024Fire
Safety Reforms 2024
Click Here
07 August 2023Residential Tenancies Amendment (Rental Fairness) Bill 2023Click Here
29 May 2023Residential Tenancies Amendment (Rental Fairness) Bill 2023Click Here
30 Jan 2022IPART NSW Fire and Rescue False Alarm Fees Charges Click Here
06 Oct 2021IPART review of Fire and Rescue NSW's fees and chargesClick Here
29 Aug 2021NSW State Environmental Planning Housing Policy (SEPP. 2021)Click Here
25 May 2021 POANSW-People with additional needs living in Shared Accommodation Discussion Paper on proposed industry reforms - May 2021Click Here
12 Feb 2021 POANSW-Strata Schemes Management Act Review 2021Click Here
10 Feb 2021POANSW-Property Tax Submission-MAR-2021Click Here
09 Feb 2021POANSW- COVID letter to B Hazzard 8 Feb 2021 Click Here
06 Apr 2020POANSW-Covid 19 Ministers letterClick Here
19 Aug 2019POANSW-Boarding House Act Five Year ReviewClick Here
15 Aug 2019POANSW-Short Term Residential Accommodation Rules of Conduct 2019Click Here
14 Aug 2019POANSW-Short term holiday letting exempt developmentClick Here
10 Aug 2019
POANSW-Boarding-House-Bill-2012-SubmissionClick Here
02 Aug 2019POANSW-Tenancy NSW Regulations 2019 POANSW SubmissionClick Here
18 Jul 2019POANSW-Canada Bay LSPS affordable housing submission July 2019Click Here
19 Dec 2018POANSW-Submission on ARHSEPP 12 room max in R2 zoneClick Here
27 Aug 2018POANSW-Submission Empowering Consumers & Small Business Submission 27-8-2018Click Here
16 Apr 2018POANSW-Submission on ARHSEPP car parking increase FinalPDFClick Here
20 Aug 2014POANSW-Insurance Submission to OCNClick Here
25 Apr 2018POANSW-IPART Solar feed-in tariff submission 25 4 2018 Final VersionClick Here
09 Feb 2018POANSW-Property Owners Association response to new cladding regulationsClick Here
26 Nov 2017POANSW-Submission on Fire Emergency Service LevyClick Here
08 Aug 2017POANSW-RBB response to the ministerClick Here
27 Apr 2017POANSW-Residential tenancy review 2016 submission Click Here
05 Dec 2016POANSW-Long term leases submissionClick Here
01 May 2016POANSW-Strata Regulation Review May 2016 POAClick Here