Want to advertise your business on the Property Owners’ Association of NSW website?

We offer advertising in blocks of 3 months i.e. per quarter with prices indicated in the table below. We can provide comprehensive click-through statistics at the end of each period. If you have your own custom campaign-coded links you can provide those to us.

Look at the examples below and fill in the enquiry form to find out more information.


Advertisers will need to supply their own approved artwork which conforms with one of the Standard Web Banner sizes in the table below.

We only accept banners that match the examples in the table below. We can accept files in the following formats: jpg, png, gif, psd, pdf, eps, ai.

If you do not have your own artwork, then please advise us in the form below and we can arrange for our design team to produce artwork for you, which will need to be quoted on, approved by you and paid for prior to being included on our website.

Standard Web Banners

Click each of the thumbnails below to see the full size of the ad banner.

728 x 90


300x 250


250 x 250

Small Skyscrper

Small Skyscraper
120 x 240

Fat Skyscraper

Fat Skyscraper
240 x 400


160 x 600

Advertiser Enquiry Form

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